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Equipment Hire

If you're planning a party or event at your home or premises we just might have a something you need!

All prices include drop off and collection within a 20 mile radius of Cambridge







Stand Alone Beer Dispense Machines

Our beer dispensers come as single or double tap machines.

Designed for professional cooling and dispensing of excellent chilled beer for domestic use, garden parties or smaller events

They are ready to use in only 5 mins and are completely standalone.

No need for a separate chiller or gas as the Lindr machines use an internal compressor to dispense and chill the beer.

We can provide you with a machine from just £60 per day or £225 per week.

Click here for hire prices

We can also supply you with a vast range of draught beer, cider and craft beers - an average 50l keg will give you up to 88 pints

(picture shown is a double tap machine)






Pop Corn Machine

Our table top pop corn machine is fantastic for children's parties, produces lots of tasty popcorn in a matter of minutes.

Available for hire at £50 per day (including one bag of pop corn kernels to get you  started)



Twin Tank Slushy Machine 

Our slushy machine is again ideal for summer parties.

The machine has twin tanks can hold syrups which produce 12 litres each of ice cold slushies in just 20mins.

We can supply classic flavoured syrups, including blue raspberry, strawberry and lime and we can also supply a syrup base for frozen cocktails. The frozen slushies inside the machines stay alcohol free but you can add the rum, vodka or gin when you pour them making classic frozen Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Passion Fruit Martinis, Daiquiris and more!

Price per day is £100  - or weekend hire (Friday to Sunday) £200

Two flavours of syrup included for  your first two full tanks of slushies!







Pizza Oven

Our portable gas powered pizza oven is perfect for garden parties and a great addition to BBQ's.

For outside use only, our pizza oven, once up to temperature, produces incredible 12" pizzas in just 60 seconds!

The only limit is your imagination with toppings.

Price for the rental of the oven is £50 a day + gas

We can supply you with dough balls at an extra charge - suitable for rolling out to 12" pizzas

We can also pizza boards and paddle if required

In addition to the above equipment we also supply

Charcoal Hog Roast - £60 a day

Chocolate Fountain - £40 a day

Candy Floss Machine - £40 a day

Hot Water Dispenser £15 a day

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